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Welcome to the North Carolina chapter of Outkast Kustoms
Outkast Kustoms was started back in 2000 by a group of friends in Washington state. By 2002 12 chapters had joined from coast to coast, 11 years later we are still goin strong.
We are a small club but always open to new members/chapters the rules are simple:

 1. NO drugs (weed and alcohol are not drugs)


2. NO primer (unless you don’t have paint)


3. MUST attend all club meetings (we don’t have them)


4. Truck MUST be lowered more than the standard 3" drop (we prefer adjustable suspension)


5. MUST be mini truck style (no wires, unless they are 20's and tuck or the ride is so bad ass that we have to let it in)


6. NO gangsters


7. NO assholes (there is only room for one and it’s me)